Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How It all Began!

The Happy Couple!

Well on one quiet little day, know as June 24, 2008 Halley wanted to have a blog. Ashley said she would only get one once she was married. Well, next thing you know Halley comes running to Ashley with a "rocker/pirate" ring and asked the FOUR most important words to a girl. "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" So to keep this short we now have a blog! Here are some pictures of our romantic moment! Enjoy!


The Coffey Grounds said...
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The Coffey Grounds said...

Welcome to Blogville. Way to go girly girl. Can't wait to see the rest of your roommates on it too.

Breanna said...

hahahahah nice story! Now you can never go back :-)
Love ya!

The Coffey Grounds said...

Waiting patiently for a NEW POST! HELLO

The Coffey Grounds said...

k Girls,
I know you have lots to post because four beautiful girls that have the most amazing life working and laying out by the pool tanning! Hello, we need a NEW post!