Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here's Us In A Nutshell

So we (aka Halley and Ashley) decided to give a little update on what all four of us girls have been up to.

To begin with, Sara has been loving life! She is a very busy girl working a lot and just got a NEW job! We are all excited for her! Here are some pictures for you to see! Sara still has her Blonde moments that make us laugh but she keeps us entertained!
Here is all of Us at Dave and Busters!!

Amy has also been a very busy girl! After working at Texas Roadhouse for 5 years she finally decided to take a new direction. She is now working at Central Christian Church and is loving it! She is a MOH (Maid of Honor) for our close friend Heather's big wedding day that is coming up this Saturday!! Amy and her BF Brandon have been dating FOREVER! No Joke! They enjoy spending every moment they can with each other! Also Brandon has adopted 3 sister since Amy has been living with us! We enjoy hanging out with them!

Amy with the soon to be bride Heather!

Amy J with her Man!

Amy and Ashley got to go to Mama Coffey's and Dr Coffey's Beach house for the summer!

Miss Halley has had a very exciting year! Halley was able to go to Spain for a short term mission trip for worship. She had a great time and learned a lot. She has a passion for traveling and jumps at every opportunity to go anywhere. Someday she would like to be in the tourism field getting benefits to travel for CHEAP! She also had the opportunity to go on a week long junior high trip as a coach to Malibu, California. She had six very crazy, but fun girls to take care of for the week at Pepperdine. She is currently not employed, but looking for something and enjoying summer! She is also looking forward to family vacations to Michigan and California and maybe even a trip to Australia to visit a favorite friend...Tara!

This is the entire team that went to Spain

This is the team in front of the famous Plaza Mayor (as seen in Vantage Point)
The coolest group of 8th grade girls and their awesome leader!
Tara and Halley

Last but not least, Ashley has been enjoying her summer very much so! She is working for her Dad and loves having lunch with him! She is going to ASU for Nonprofit Management and is ready to be finished! Living with these three girls has taught her so much and loves every moment she gets to spend with the girls! The girls had many parties such as a ROCKBAND! party that was a hit!

Us Girls dressed up for our RockBand Party!
That's all Folks!


Cassie said...

I love you girls sooo much!

Chase & Chelsea said...

What a fun Blog! You girls are so cute! Miss you guys!