Monday, July 21, 2008

O We Love Weddings!!!

Our Wonderful friend Heather got Married on July 12th!

Heather Dawn's Big Wedding Day finally came! Amy and the Bridesmaids had a very fun bachelorette party the night before her big day!

We took her to Axis

She is Happily Married and back in Seattle! Here are some pictures from the Wedding!
Here is Heather and her Hubby Brian

Her dress was gorgeous

Amy and Heather
Halley and Ashley on the Dance Floor!

Amy and Brandon showing everyone their moves!
Sara and Ashley
We all had so much fun and Amy did a great job on being a wonderful Maid Of Honor!

J.J was also at the Wedding and was an AMAZING D.J!!! We all love him so much!


The Coffey Grounds said...

Love your blog four gals and a babe! Guess who's the BABE? Brandon of course.
Love ya all, Mama Coffey

The Coffey Grounds said...

Love the new page look. Lots of bling is good! Tamale Trio sounds like great helpers for our tamale day December 13th. I'll sign up the trio! Hee Hee